G. Alan Wright

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Permanent Collections
Seattle Art Museum ‘Sentinel’ (bronze bird)*
*This welded piece won first prize at the prestigious Ford Foundation Purchase award in 1964 and was added to the Seattle Art Museum’s permanent collection.
Seattle Art Museum ‘Rhinoceros’ (cast bronze)
San Francisco Art Museum  
Seattle First National Bank Seattle ‘Who What Why’ (cast bronze crane)
Seattle First National Bank Seattle ‘Misty’ (bronze Dachshund)
Seattle First National Bank Spokane ‘Little Guardian’ (bronze lion cub)
Renton City Hall ‘Night Wings’ (bronze owl)
Hilton Hotel Seattle ‘Night Wings’ (bronze owl)
Johnson Wax Foundation ‘Brooding Bird’ (bronze bird)

Shows and Exhibitions
Northwest Annual Seattle 1961, 1964
Seattle Art Museum Seattle 1961
Henry Art Gallery Seattle 1961
Denver Art Museum Denver 1961
Gordon Woodside Gallery Seattle 1962, 1968
Rivas Gallery Los Angeles 1962
Fountain Gallery of Art Portland 1962
Ford Foundation New York 1964
Renton Art Festival Renton 1962, 1963, 1964
Bellevue Arts and Crafts Show Bellevue 1962, 1963
Feingarten Galleries Los Angeles 1967
Governors Invitational Exhibit Olympia WA 1967
Gordon Woodside Gallery San Francisco 1967
Whitney Art Museum New York 1968
Lee Nordness Gallery New York 1968

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Photos by Mary Randlett or Paul Thomas
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